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We found an overall positive reviews of Hello Hero from iOS games and now to Facebook games. Of course most of them said that the game is so cool as you are like playing Final Fantasy and Pokemon in just one game and from the top of it, this is only a mobile apps so there no need for cutting edge gaming platform or tremendous downloads.

But for us, what we really love in this game is that everyone has capable of dominating it even without spending cash from their pocket. As there are lots of ways to earn free carats (premium currency) even without using any Hello Hero cheats. The best example is through  starter pack promotional code. (see it below)

As Fincon Co., Ltd. released Hello Hero in Facebook they started to ask every newcomer a special Starter Pack Promotional Code to receive free carats. This is not compulsory and only 1-time as a matter of fact many players missed to get this promotional starter pack.

So to end up the issue below are some codes to get the your free Carats with corresponding server.

Type this code : GameMaster



Note: The free 100 pcs of carats are only available to those who registered in the game before it released on Facebook.

Please do recommend this game to your friends as this is worthy to be played and don’t forget to share to them this code for free carat in Hello Hero.

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