Words of Wonder Cheats and Walkthrough Guides

Disney Words of Wonder cheats and guides

It is really obvious that Disney really want to curve a good name on gaming industry not only for single platform but for multi platform as long as social gaming is concern. With a collaboration with Playdom we are very sure that Disney and Playdom want to develop more games as they are active in releasing games for Facebook, iPhone, iPad and Android.Most of their games are for free to download and they discourage the use of any survey or advertising pop up that consume the interest of their players.

Anyway what is this Words of Wonder all about? What kind of entertainment this game brings? How we can play this game effectively without using cheats or hack? That is what this walkthrough guides and tips will teach you. The first thing you should know is the concept of the game, insert it to your mind that in this word puzzle game, you will find words in the sets of letters that you need to clear up by matching. By doing this you can use power-ups to boost your score and complete your objectives for rewards and bonus items.

The game is free to play just like other games from the same developer and the only way for them to make a money from their games is for their players to use premium power ups that only real money can buy. That is the fact that in this kind of game, difficulty is their key to make a conversion of money. Of course players will spend cash if they found that the regular gaming is not enough or most of them are using trainer tool to give them unlimited power ups for free. But in our case, as you want it and how we like it to share we will only use techniques and tricks so you can play the game enjoying without modifying or doing behind the grid.

Game Elements

The main theme of this game is word play. Yes you saw and played puzzle game by matching three the same gems/blocks/stones etc but this time you need to go with word puzzle. This is perfect in playing with your iPhone and iPad since it has a touch screen technology. With this you can easily press and drag your your finger from letter to letter to create a word.

Remember that words can be spelled forward or backward or in any direction provided that each letter is adjacent from one another including diagonal pattern.

Only three-letter word are counted to make a match and once the letter has been used it will instantly destroyed and you can never use it anymore. Once removed, the above letter will drop into the empty space. If you successfully made a combination of four or more letter, one of the letters will remain on the board and will serve as bonus letter. This special/bonus letter will boost your points for a value of time. In games you will also encounter letter in tile with solid color this will explode upon use and destroy all adjacent tiles. Sometimes it will help you giving you a space for new letters but also can deals disadvantage of you after removing letters you wish to insert to your future word.

If you are looking forward for good point, definitely long words and letters with corresponding bonus is the best to use in your combination. In every stage, you will be rated between 0-3 stars based on your performance. Earning your first star is simple as completing the objective while the other two stars will require a higher score.

There are different power-ups that you can use in game but first you need to unlocked this and this is very limited unless you are using cheats to give you unlimited power ups for some tough stages. There are also some power-ups that you need to set before a level and some are can be used freely during the puzzle.

Game Modes

In every level that you can find in map, this is by means of linearly. Meaning to say you need to finish each level before making a progress. In each chapter there is a fifteen stages that is also need to be cleared before going down to the next one. Once all these fifteen stages in a chapter are complete, you can proceed to the next chapter (world) but first you need to ask for the help of your friends or by using premium currency to open it for you. We high recommend the adding of friends in this game as this will give you free assistance in game.

Each stage offers different objectives that you need to acquire. But in the game there are four major goals and two score modes, one which requires a set number of points in a set number of words and the other is to do it within time limit.

There is also a game type that endorse dropping non-playable quill blocks from the top of the screen to the bottom by clearing all block below.

Don’t forget that your action in game is limited through energy system. Playing the game in every stage will consume ten of your energy points but if you finish a certain objectives will instantly replenish. So the play it, you have unlimited energy as long as you can make it through without using any Words of Wonder Cheats .

Tips and Guides

Different from the word puzzle games that you used to play, finding short words is not really recommended because finding such words can eat a lot of your time which is definitely important. So instead of searching short words, getting  a bunch of long words could do the trick. Knowing the time might make you give you pressures but then again, you should know the importance of time especially if you are in the timer stages. However there are stages that you doesn’t need to mind the time which will make you earn higher scores if you take the time to look for at least four letters long words  and employ the resulting bonus letters.

 You can simply make long words by the help of the bonus letters, all you need to do is chain bonus letters into bonus letters. The bonus letter will form on the last letter of a word usually. One the ideal letter that you can use is the letter “S”  because you can easily add it to the end of the other words. However there are some times that you find yourself a little lost if you find the so called bonus letter(s) remains surrounded by other letters that you considered useful. But there’s nothing to worry because you can keep re-forming the same bonus letter over and over again.

Since earning more points is your cup of tea, you should start finding the word(s) that you can easily add.  The most outstanding groups that you can add are “ING” , “ED” and “S” inline with this, you can also use “DE” and “RE” which commonly fit on the front of many words. So take a look to see if there are any other letter that you can add when you’ve found a word. The image below is an example of the so called added word(s). Getting the word “Pet” (highlighted in red) is good but if you added the “Ted” (with the blue highlight), you can end-up on creating a word “Petted” which can definitely make you earn more points.

As you play together with the quill drop or ink cleaning objectives, you might be tempted on spending each turn as you try to meet the so called objective as soon as possible.  But then again, you will frequently be better off playing away from there at times just to shift the letters around and create bonus tiles for the sake of getting higher score or perhaps points.

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  1. I clicked on “block” on the game and changed something and now I can’t play the game. Everything loads except the actual game for me to play. Can you help me?

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