Frozen Free Fall Hints and Walkthrough Tips

Frozen Free Fall cheats and guides

Another match-three puzzle based game for your iOS. Same as you question why there are lots of application with this kind of concept we are also asking ourselves the same but maybe the exact answer is that, “still many players wish to play this kind of game” thus many developers also “still wish to create this kind of game” so us, we want also to give you all strategy guides, and tips that might be useful in playing match-three puzzle game. So let’s start in a list on how you can play Frozen Free Fall more enjoying while preserving the challenging part of it.

Players notice that they can create Icebergs within the puzzle without even knowing how they did it. Well to give you such clarity, Icebergs will be created for every successful matching of T or L shape. Here once you combine an iceberg it will explode and definitely break all ice crystals around it. This is perfect to clear the puzzle and a good trick to score higher in game.

That is for L or T shape that will create an explosion but upon matching five crystals you will create mighty glacier that serves as special tile that can destroy all crystals in game that has the same color on glacier. This is also a good idea to clear your board game and give a refresh for new combination. Always keep in mind that clearing the puzzle board is only a good choice if you think that all possible crystals to combine are already matched and it is better to clear the board for new set up.

There are also rounds that will give you limitation on your every move. To play this part positively, you should take your time in your every move. Since there is no clock to beat on this set up, you don’t need to get rush too but to ensure that your every move worth it. Since you have lots of time to think with your combination, this is much easier for you to do five-crystal combinations or T-L shape matched-up.

Sometimes players feel sorry for unused special tiles left on the board at the end of a round but actually that left over will go into its Free Fall mode that every tile’s special effect are use in game and give you a certain bonus from any points you acquire.

You have always special tile to use in every match and it is really tempting to cast this right away in the early phase of the game. Actually that is not a good move instead you should start working on new explosive crystals that you can use in the later game. You will see it in game that if you can bring two special tiles in board it has a great explosive effect and also an additional score in your game.

As you started playing the game, you will be given two Ice Picks that you will use in the tutorial (required) and the other is for later use in tough stage.

Every level will encourage you to bring special items that you will see in the bottom of the board. Actually you don’t get some hint where the special tile will appear but as a rule of thumb it is better to work evenly across the whole board so you can locate them pretty much quickly. Once you discover the location of this special object that is the time to prioritize that column and clear in vertical matches as possible.

While playing the game, it is better to keep your eye in the meter located on the top left corner of the screen especially if you are looking forward to score 3-star rating. This meter will fill up for every matches and score, so in every stage you should use moves that is efficiently as possible to get the desired ratings.

There is some situation that is better to clear the snow from the board for you to complete the level. If that is the case make, sure you create matches for special tiles to get bonus and explosion.

Aside from filling the meter as a good basis of your ratings, you can also consider to leave more available moves at the end of the challenge to get a better chance for three-star rating. Remember that ever move left in the end of the round will be converted into a special tile which will suddenly to detonate your final score. It is how efficiently you clear special objectives per level will give you more points for overall score and ratings.

The game endorse fully brainstorming and strategy and if you really want to dominate it, you don’t actually need to download Frozen Free Fall cheats anymore as you should only know what you are doing basically it has the same concept as other match-three puzzle based game.

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