Beyond the Dead Cheats, Guides and Walkthrough Tips

beyond the dead cheats and guides

GREE developed Beyond the Dead as a zombie adventure based game to cultivate the trends of same based game you can play on your handheld device. Here you can use your mind to formulate your strategy and defend your base with action against zombies being survivors of zombie apocalypse. Surviving in this game will treat you lots of things to do as you need to mind your base, camp site, water tank, upgrading items and lot more that you can use in dealing with quest and obtaining items through mission and definitely exterminating zombies to grow your base. For your to perform this and play the game effectively, you can check our Beyond the Dead tips and guides.

Building your team and your Mission

To start the game, you need to build a team. In every team, you need to complete the five members. Through game tutorials, you will get few available characters that you can use in your team. After setting up your team, you can now go for some action by clicking into mission folder to display all available quests. In game there are lots of daily task and event missions together with game storyline. Completing mission will let you grow your base and take a game progress. It is easy to accomplish daily mission and other event but in terms of storyline, some of them will require you to move for a new location. These locations are mean to be in large maps with lots of zombies need to be cleared.

Killing Zombies

Now that you are ready to take some action, you can now attack zombie by just tapping on it to stop it and tap again to cast an attack. The damage you will deal with defends on your team’s strength that will also correspond with zombie’s defense. Each zombie has their own advantage and disadvantage together with defense or how much damage you should deal for this undead to be killed. In killing and attacking zombies, your team will never take damage but in every action, it will cost you energy.

You will see zombie with a pink indicator on it, meaning to say that is what you need to kill for you to finish your mission. With this kind of help indicator, it is easy for you to figure out what you need to do and kill it instantly so you don’t need to deal with other undead to finish your mission.

Currency (Crate)

Your primary resource in the game is crate this is what you can collect in map. You need Crate to unlock more characters that you can insert in your team. In the beginning you already have 5 members to complete the team but as you go in progress and collecting with more crate you can unlock even more character with good damage to do with zombies. You can either buy crate using your real cash through App Store purchase or you can download Beyond the Dead cheats to get unlimited crate. There are also free crate that you can claim everyday so don’t forget to log in and collect it day by day.


To complete your team you need to put 5 characters for it, each character has their own different stats, attack, and defense with corresponding three types of characters including, melee, ranged and specialization. Every class can affect their entire party system with their special abilities. Each character has its own special ability that will give you boost on your attack and defense upon meeting the certain condition.

Every character has their own default stat, but you can train them to increase their stats by going into Train Survivors menu. There you will pick the desired character to train and use your resources with special survivors’ gear to gain experience and stats improvement on the selected character.

There is a chance that you will get two or more of the same character, if that is the case you can combine them to unlock more stats improvement, this will also let your character change their portrait and weapon together with special ability.

As you made progress in game you will also about to unlock skills points that will give your overall team a big boost. This feature will be based on skill tree system.

PvP System

You can challenge another player’s team by clicking the “VS” button located on the base screen. The fight will be calculated by comparing all character’s attack and defense stats together with their abilities. After the calculation (fight) you will be brought to a stat screen to shows how each character performance against another. This is a good thing to know your party’s capabilities in battle.

Guides and Tips

  • Offense is the best defense. This is the easiest way to exterminate ton of zombies. So in picking a party member just built a team that has a focus on attack. With this strategy, it also likely works with PvP.
  • Upgrading your base. This will be your top priority in play. Since you have lots of silver in early phase of the game, it is better to be use on upgrading your base and earn more silver from your base, this is perfect especially without any use of Beyond the Dead cheats to unlock unlimited silver. Just upgrade it and don’t focus with design as there is not technical basis upon your base aesthetic.
  • Don’t forget that your energy will instantly replenish once you level up. In some case that you are on low energy but close to level up, just make a way how to engage a fight and gain experience to level up. In the same way, if you are near to increase your level but you have still lots of energy, just use this in grinding to earn more crate and silver.

  • Combining two characters is always a good choice rather than having same character in your party. This will unlock the opportunity for you to get more powerful character to use in your team. Even you have a weak character; this can become powerful once they have leveled up as you made progress in game.

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