Westbound Cheats, Guides and Walkthrough Tips

westbound cheats and guides

What we really like in playing Android games is that you can download this instantly for free. Upon visiting corresponding official iTunes page, there you can get and install your application and play it without giving a shot with annoying surveys. Also it is good to know that everyday there is a new application to play, while some are not so good app to play, there are some that are developed for serious gamers just like Westbound.

 This is a free-to-play time manage game that will let you experience canyons exploration with Wild West theme and letting you to build your house and different structures using different resource you get from exploring islands. So for you to start the game at ease, you can check our walkthrough tips with this game.


The game uses different kinds of resources including gold, pickaxes, tonic, silvers and real cash currency. As the rule of a thumb in most game, using your premium currency you can convert it for more other basic resource. These resources are what you need to make progress in game while some of them are available to hack using Westbound cheats, it is better to know for player how to farm them legally so they will not experience a problem of getting them later on in game. Though you can purchase it with real cash, it is not good to start your game with spending money from your pocket. As a matter of fact, developer want you to play their game for free, so you are not responsible to spend real cash, only hurl money if you feel that this game is really enjoyable and fit to your taste.

How to Play

At this point, there is no absolute question about “how to play” as the game provides a tutorial that you will never miss as there is no way for this to skip. This tutorial will let you know basic concept and details of playing Westbound, though in every game, No Jailbreak always recommend to check the beginner’s tutorial and now we don’t think that we need to remind you here.

After that tutorial, the game will load and the first thing you need to do is to check the missions available to start your journey. Your mission tab is located on the left of your HUD usually with an icon of a person who has assigned you for this mission. These icons will change from time to time base on their request, you can tap on that picture to see their request while sometimes you need to search for lost person and other kinds of resources or supplies as part of your side quest.

If you already finished in acknowledging the current mission to complete or you are currently working on that you can scroll on your map to see what’s going on. There you will see that your location is surrounded by canyon and other unexplored area. On your map, you can tap on these locations to clear but remember that in every action you need to wait for seconds or minutes to be done. You can also hasten this up by using Grit as you can purchase it in app store.

After completing different quests and earn new units of currency together with crops that is the time you will earn experience. You will see it with yellow bar located on the bottom left of your screen. This will tell you if you can unlock more supplies, crops, and varieties of installation.

Most of your action will cost you a time to wait such as building and planting so you need to keep aware these waiting hours or you can plan ahead before making an action. Of course it is recommended to start with action that will cost you less in waiting and for those actions that will require long hours to wait you should put it when you are going to sleep or you are not able to play the game for some time.

Tips and Guides

We already mentioned that you need to plan your action ahead so it will not leave you in the corner of waiting. The game is better to play with multitasking and grinding. In this game you will experience most of your time in tapping and clearing out squares for you to made a progress. With this cleared squares where you can start building new structures and doing some extra activities. Remember to stock as many pickaxes and clear as many spaces as you can that will let you use this space later when you need it.

Unless you are using Westbound cheats and have unlimited Grit, you should always keep your hands close in spending Grit in early phase of your gameplay. You better conserve this as when you reach level 10, things being to become expensive and that is the time you need the help of your conserved Grit.

Plan and do some strategy in placing your building, clearing and conserving your space. Your own way of playing this game will be your key of taking advantage in most cases. For more guides, you can follow us on Facebook or bookmark us by pressing (CTRL+D) and get more tips and cheats.

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