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panda pop cheats and guides

SGN extended their journey in creating games with their release of Panda Pop as a bubble popping puzzle game that you can play with your mobile devices. In this game you will be challenged to save baby pandas trapped in colorful bubbles. You will play as Mama Panda that will flings bubbles from the bottom of the screen to create a three or more color combination that will let this bubble pop and free her baby pandas. The game is pretty simple as we believe that you already seen this in some of popular games on iOS, Android and Facebook but to give you a complete package on this game, we also share here some tips and guides that you can use to help you save all baby pandas easily even without downloading Panda Pop cheats or by using your real cash to purchase item boost.

Download and Installation

Just like most application on mobile devices, you can download and install Panda Pop for free on official application page to ensure that you will not getting touch with surveys. After downloading and suppose that you already installed it on your gadget, the game will also ask you if you want to turn on or off the push notification for some later updates and important messages. We recommend to let you receive it but once you already turned this off you can still change the settings anytime on the option menu.

Game Elements

Goals – The entire concept of the game rely on matching 3 or more same color combination but in game you will also some objectives that you can follow for more rewards but the overall challenge of the game will ask Mama panda to throws colored bubbles located from the bottom of the screen and begin matching it with three or more upon doing it successfully it will disappear and drop any connected bubbles. Every popping will give you points base on bubbles but your main priority is to rescue the baby pandas so you need to eliminate those bubbles first either it is special or normal type of bubbles. Also don’t forget that you can also play the game with a limited colored of bubbles to throw so you need to free all their baby pandas before it runs out or else you need to start the level over again.

Lives – the good thing in this game is that instead of using energy that drain every time you play and recharge over time, the game implements lives system. As you begin playing the game, you have 5 lives that only drain if you fail a level so as long as you can play it effectively there will no charge to your life while lives also replenish over time or you can refill it instantly using $0.99.

Map Screen – this is where you can select levels to play with. The game observes linear level system meaning to say you need to finish one by one in order playing other stages ahead while you can still revisit levels you’ve already completed if you wish to earn more stars. This is perfect for grinding stars since early stages are easier for you to finish as you already dealing with tough one.

Settings – You can access option tabs by simply pausing the game. There you can adjust the prefer settings for control as well as your audio and like what we’ve mentioned earlier you can turn your notifications here on and off.


Tap to Pop – To throw a bubble you can tap on an area or you can also hold down to adjust your shot’s trajectory. If you make it to connect three or more same-colored bubbles it will all disappear but you should focus on removing those bubbles with trapped panda first as this is your primary goal.

Elements – every colored bubble has their own corresponding element to consider such as Red for Fire, Blue for Water, Green for Wood and Yellow for Sun that you can use in making match. This is how it works, when you create a match the relevant lantern will fill up that you can activate to use special powers.


Tight Spots – this is expendable power-ups that you can use if you want to give a shot with really tight spot. This is perfect for clearing a level with this kind of obstacles.

Rainbow Bubble – Upon throwing a rainbow bubble, you can make any combination to any color from it this is also consider a bonus bubble.

Trajectory Predictor – this works as aim bot as it can predict the location of bubble upon throwing off the wall.

Bubble Selector – since you only throw bubble in random rate, with the help of bubble selector you can preview the next three bubbles in your queue and switch between them.

Tips and Tricks

Don’t forget to make a switch. Switching between what bubble that Mama is hold and the bubble in her basket is a good idea especially when the bubble stuck with a color that you don’t currently need.

Master the bank shot. Upon different techniques you can use in game, mastering the bank shot is the most effective and useful that you can use most times in game. This will let you break up columns near the top of the screen so the bubbles below will follow.

Use lanterns wisely. Yes you have always a power ups to help you with your lantern but you should use this base on your situation. Sometimes it is better to hold it longer and plan for a massive combo attack. You should also be aware on the rate of how lanterns fill as you will encounter that one or more are just taking too long to fill because of that particular color of bubbles on the specific stage if that is the case you better not to wait on it any longer.

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