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Kabam returns and this time they bring us a new free-to-play card based game with Heroes of Camelot. From different gaming websites online, they introduced this as newest iOS games with lots of features to giveaway for their players. Though the game is not yet made their positive reflect from download counts or player by player basis, still we are looking forward for this game and that’s made www.NoJailBreak.com to share some cheats and guides that you can use in game even without using trainer or tool thus you don’t need to touch those survey hub portal to require you in joining their marketing campaign, right here and right now you can easily know the secrets of effective Heroes of Camelot playing.

First things first, you need to download the full version of Heroes of Camelot, don’t worry because it is officially for free just visit iTunes to get your copy and install it to your mobile device to start playing.

At the very beginning you have an option  to pick weather you will go for Camelot or Druid. Of course most players will go for Camelot as this word already coined on the title and they are thinking that they can earn advantage on this side. Actually both side are balanced and if you really want edge from playing this game, you better download cheats for Heroes of Camelot.

After deciding in which force to join, like most iOS games, there will be a basic tutorial for you. If you are first time gamer, we recommend to follow the instructions and don’t make a rush as you enjoy the entire gameplay.

Game Elements (Main Menu)

Like what we mentioned, don’t make a rush and that is also what Kabam wants you to feel why playing their game as a matter of fact until you are not finished with tutorial, you will not see the main menu such as:

Arena – This is the place to earn special rewards by contributing on daily combat challenges. The condition to win is simple, you need to earn more Might in battle as this will be the basis of your chance to win. Take note, Arena is only available upon reaching level 10 though that is not too long to take up, still patience requires a lot in this game.

Party – In able to set your strategy, you need to manage your party frequently. Adjust your cards in your team as you earn new cards also try to formulate effective team up that will let you use all your card’s potential for easy victory,.

Quest – This will where your adventure mode happens, explore the map and try to complete quest for more rewards, XP, gold and new cards. This is a perfect place to grind and formulate your own strategy for winning different card set up and situation.

Shop – A sources of Arena Tickets, energy and special items in return for your gems that serves as your premium currency. Basically presents on Heroes of Camelot cheats for allowing players to get unlimited gems through the game and buy all premium items in game.

Summon – Get cards that you can use in battle using your gems, medals, and summoning charms. Gems are available by spending real cash while medals and summoning charms are usually come from quest and battle won.

Settings – Here’s your option for turning your audio on/off, signing up or logging with your Kabam ID, accessing the game’s leaderboards/ranking, language setting and other miscellaneous settings.

Upgrade – The entire game will not only involves with players XP system but also you can upgrade your own card system where evolving, duplicating, etc will give you new power and battle strategy.

Treasury – This is a button that you can find back over to the left your current’s level indication. This is usually use for claiming different in game rewards as well as notification for events, special announcement and serve as chat window for currently online players.

Stamina – This is important as you need it for fighting, questing that correspond with Mana. You can use your gem to refill it instantly. This is the fact why gem is very prone in hacking because players can use this for unlimited stamina as well as skipping some quest.


The entire grid will start in your quest. This will be your guide for progress. Most time, you will spend it by completing your quest so you should frequently your quest tab for active progress.

Quest will be your guidelines but everything will happens on world map as you can click from zones to zones to see the complete series of quest for you to unlock more zones to compete together with rewards.

Now that we already mentioned zones, this is a portal that consist of smaller areas to compete with. Every battle will requires will charge to your stamina. As you can see there is an area’s progress gauge, once it filled up, you can now continue your journey to other zones. In every zones there is a one card to unlock and also one time bonus rewards this is to control those players who are abusing the reward system through grinding.

While you are exploring the area, there are some occasional battle to engange and this will interupt you from exploring and the only way to proceed is to beat him. Actually they bring not so tough battle but still every encounter to this random enemy will consume your mana. So definitely without a mana you can’t still fight them to make a progress so you need to wait for replenish over time.

In every area expect that there is a difficult battle waiting for you and that is a boss fight. Usually can be found in the last quest of every zone. Don’t hesitate to use item boost even it will require you to use gem, we understand that this enemies included in game to encourage you spend real cash. Often times, level up will be your edge in difficult boss battle as you can unlock more features as you raise a level. This will also let you to raise the roof for your Mana and Stamina.

Card Management System

Now this is Heroes of Camelot all about and what makes you play this game for hours. Card system is all about your own strategy in winning the game. If you are not using any cheats, this makes everything to challenging that involve you in setting up three teams from your party consisting of four card. Each team corresponds with attack and health points.

Every card has a mana cost (this reminds me playing Magic: The Gathering) that will drain to your points. It is advisable to be aware on your overall mana that you can use in battle. This system implement to make a balance from casting hard hitting cards at once in battle. Since most powerful cards will consume lots of mana, it is not recommend to pump up your deck with superior but mana consuming card as mana cost is also a good basis on how strong your card is.

In battle, all cards in your team will attack as one but in activating their special abilities this will correspond on their individual package. Same with your opposing team, instead of attacking them one by one, the entire team has their overall HP that your damage will be dealt.

Like in breeding, forging, combing base game system, here in Heroes of Camelot will let you combine two same card to summon stronger form or you can sacrifice cards that you think it has a least value on your deck. As a rule of a thumb, it is better to merge two enhanced cards for decent result than two level 1 cards.

Tips and Guides

When you are just questing, don’t put all ace cards in your deck as this will consume more mana for every fight thus you need to wait for hours to replenish it. Your quest will involves in defeating your opponent and not to overkill it. Balanced deck is well enough to finish those quest for low cost mana that will give you more battle.

Since the quest will be based on your Mana system. So as long as you have mana, just quest as you can. That is the fact we recommended to use not mana-consuming deck so you can finish more quest, without using Heroes of Camelot cheats for unlimited mana or trainer to give you free gem for instant mana recharge. By completing quest, you can gain XP and sometimes a stamina/mana.

Make it a habit to check your treasury tab after questing for new cards, items and rewards so from it you can establish new fighting strategy. Put in mind that new cards always got the edge, so add new cards as possible.

To use your card stats to the fullest, enhance them before you evolve. Combining will inherit the improved stats.

Most of the time we are not using our resources to spend as most our basic needs are available in form of rewards. Especially without the help of cheats, you have a very limited gem and gold, thus seeing your shop frequently is not a sign of an effective game.

Thank you for reading our Heroes of Camelot walkthrough guides. Don’t forget to share this to your friends or share to us your own secrets of playing this game. We will ensure you that all your credits will be placed and inserted as yours while we are only wishing for instant access (no survey) for game guides as portal of different collected tips from gamers alike.


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