Pepper Panic Saga Guides and Walkthrough Hints

pepper panic saga cheats

Recently we reviewed Pepper Panic Saga and we gave you some of important details or what to expect in this game. Now with some valid research, we want to add it up with guides and tips. For those who missed our words there, this game is match-three puzzle game like the popular games and application of King who are willing to give us another sets of challenges with additional feature of the game. This time you will experience the so called pepper panic mode that will give you a boost for your scores upon activation. This made the game differs from the first released under different title even with same concept.


Just like the other applications of King, you can play this game on Facebook for free (no download, no survey, no string attachment) by just directly visiting their official application page. In game you will be prompted by a turtle named Sheldon that is responsible for giving you some of game’s basics. This is perfect for those who are just play this game in first place. Once you understand everything on basic, you will continue your journey with solving puzzle.


Goal – In playing in kinds of game you should be goal oriented and focus on what you really need to do in playing this game. So for Pepper Panic Saga you need to make a combination of 3-match puzzle to gain score as minimum but for tough players they are considering to make long combination for more scores. But this is not just like puzzle all the time, as you can use different content of the game to feel more of it and cultivate the excitement that this game can bring. It has also a storyline that you will surely enjoy together with power-up, boosts, and battle modes.

Objective – your main character here is Pepper the puppy who loves farming and eater peppers that made him different from ordinary dog. He goes for adventures on different country to find the finest peppers to eat while together with his journey there is an evil cat named Mr. Claws who will turn his adventure into mess and you as a player. Mr. Claws will be your primary challenge.

Map – This serves as your outline of different stages you will complete or already finished. There you will find a level selector where you can click select on what level you want to play.

Gold Bars – This will be your primary resources that usually hackers wish to cheats so they can have unlimited source of Gold Bars. In default you will get 50 gold bars to be used in buying boosters or power ups. Using Gold Bars you can also buy extra moves in any stage and that will be your primary advantage in playing tough stages.

Match and Grow – Under with different name but if you already played such same concept game, this is the way of matching three or more peppers with the same color to make them grow. In every match you will notice that peppers will grow in size and upon reaching the decent size it will explode and give you a score.

Blow Them Up – Upon explosion, it will sends out shockwaves effect that will boost peppers having the same color

Pepper Panic – This is the special mode in game (obviously based on the title of the game) Upon a successful chain combo of ten or more sizzling peppers bow up it will triggers as Pepper Panic that will boost your opportunity for big points and sometimes it includes to let you clear the stages under your objectives.

Tips and Tricks

You don’t need to download Pepper Panic cheats if you really wish to activate Pepper Panic often just focus on a couple same colors. In this method, when a pepper explodes, it will instantly give you a chance to trigger a panic.

In game you will experience suggest match just like most match-three games but in this game, these suggestions usually don’t give you a big help especially if you are willing to play this with long term goals. So what you need to consider is to take a second before you move to ensure that the outcome of your combination will give you an advantage for your next move.

Matching 3-same colored pepper is the easiest way to make score but actually if you are longing for more score always match for or five combinations as possible this will give you a clearing bonus for row or column defending how your match done either vertical or horizontal. Upon doing a match of five peppers this will trigger for the same color to grow up by one stage.


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Pepper Panic Saga Review

pepper panic saga cheats

No one can interfere and it is definitely king after King put all their games in application ranking for Facebook, Android and iOS on top and definitely this is what on their minds upon developing another new game under the same concept only to cater more charming and colorful pieces in the game.

The game is totally free and you can access it directly on Facebook without downloading while we are expecting that we can also download the full version of it for our Android and iOS powered gadget.

Yes it is totally the same with other King’s match-3 puzzle based game with only additional twist. You as a player will challenge to match like-colored peppers and then let it grow in size. Upon matching peppers and become big enough, they will explode. Ensure to chain enough explosions to unlock Pepper Panic time.

Your main challenge is by dealing puzzle solving with unfriendly cat as your main antagonist. It will reveal the map and let you formulate different puzzle strategy. With this additional character you will never find playing Pepper Panic Saga the same over and over again.

As of now even it is too early to proclaim, we are expecting more about this game definitely King can also let this game hail by most players in different platform just like how they gradually and consistently dominated the gaming scheme using this kind of genre.

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